Exciting News: Liquid Air Recordings is Open for Submissions!

Exciting News: Liquid Air Recordings is Open for Submissions!

We are thrilled to announce that L A RECORDINGS is officially open for music submissions. As a brand-new record label, we are on a mission to discover and support talented artists and producers, bringing their unique sounds to the world.

Are you a passionate music producer with tracks that deserve to be heard? Look no further! We are actively seeking fresh and innovative talent to join our growing family. We have a unique approach and a rare opportunity for a record label to distribute directly through our affiliate which is a distributor for Sony Music Group. We can’t begin to stress how rare of an opportunity this is,  so here’s your chance to have your music released and monetized by a record label that values not only artistic expression and originality. We feel you should be paid what the music is worth, unlike most other avenues that only pay fractions of pennies on the dollar.

What sets L A RECORDINGS apart?

1.          Diverse Genres: Whether you’re into electronic beats, indie vibes, acoustic rhythms, or experimental sounds, we want to hear what you’ve got. We are looking for everything, not only EDM but music that can be used for movie scores, video games, ringtones, and commercials.

2.         Artist-Focused Approach at L A RECORDINGS we believe in empowering artists. We work closely with our musicians to understand their vision and help them achieve their full potential, rather than just a platform to upload music.

3.         Global Reach: Your music deserves a global audience, and we are committed to promoting our artists internationally. There are only two companies that control all music around the world, Sony and BMI.  Get ready to have your tracks heard on a global scale.

How to Submit Your Music:

If you’re ready to take your music to the next level, submit your tracks to us! Here’s how:

1.          Visit our website: http://LiquidAirRecordings.com

2.         Navigate to the “Submissions” page.

3.         Follow the guidelines and fill out the submission form.

4.         Upload your best tracks (up to five) for our review.

5.         If any submission our team feels is what we are looking for. We will contact you to discuss both our visions, followed by a written offer.

Our team is comprised of A&R scouts, major label owners, television broadcasting executives, digital creators, and master sound engineers. We will carefully listen to each submission, and if your music resonates with us, you might just find yourself on the path to becoming a part of our label.

Don’t miss this rare opportunity to share your passion with the world. Join us, and let’s create something extraordinary together. We can’t wait to hear your beats, arrangements, and everything in between!

Best Regards, 

Michael Haley
President, Liquid Air Recordings

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