Welcome to Liquid Air Recordings. We are an independent record label that offers a unique approach to the music industry by allowing our artists and producers access to the contacts and relationships we have built over the last 30 years. This gives our team a huge advantage over individual artists who navigate blindly on their own. Contact us if you are a DJ, Artist, or Producer, by filling out our submission form on our contact page.

We work side by side with our artists to make sure they are getting our undivided attention and receive hands-on instruction. We teach industry tips and tricks on how to stand out, be unique get noticed, and get your music heard. Our veteran team has over 150 years combined in the music business and is eager to assist and pass on our accumulated knowledge to our new artists.

Below is our Link Tree which includes links to all of our social media pages and more please feel free to visit our parent company, Liquid Air Entertainment, on all of our social media platforms: